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Love, Lex

by Avery Aster

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We Invite you to Eden, Where You Can Read a #Free #Ebook

I have a special treat for you today. As many of you know, I’m part of an AWESOME continuity series called Invitation to Eden. Well, I just got the “all clear” to post the FREE PREQUEL here so you can read it and get to know a little more about the series! Aren’t you excited? I am.

WARNING – It’s a L-O-N-G wait until April 15th and the first installments in the series. After reading this you’ll be counting the days!

You can access the free read on Wattpad or Smashwords.

To know when the next installment in the series is available, sign up for our book club HERE.

My Installment is called Yours Truly, Taddy. It’s the second book in The Undergrad Years.

The Master of the Island

Invitation to Eden Series

Lauren Hawkeye

ISBN: 978-1-928068-10-5

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

We are very pleased to issue your Invitation to Eden, an exciting series coming to you in 2014 from 27 of the biggest names in romance. Join us as we take you on an exciting adventure to Eden, where anything… and everything goes!

This story is meant as an introduction to the Invitation to Eden series.

It is not meant to be read as a standalone.


“I’ll take it.”

I study the castle standing alone at the top of a lush green hill. An Irish castle. It is built of dove grey stone and rocks that have crumbled with age, but it caught my attention—my imagination—as soon as I saw the photographs. In truth it’s not much to look at right now…but then, neither am I.

Originally home to the wealthy and privileged, the once proud structure shows nothing but decay and disrepair on the surface. But the tallest tower still stands, spearing the dull, misty sky proudly, as if to say I may not be much to look at anymore, but I’m still here.

It’s a sentiment that resonates with every fiber of my being. In my gut I know that this is the place I’ve been searching for.

The one that I saw in my dreams.

“I’ll take it,” I repeat firmly, nodding at the realtor and giving one last look at the seven hundred year old ruins, fixing them in my mind before turning on my heel and striding back to the hired car. I hear an exclamation of surprise from the man behind me, but it doesn’t slow my steps.

“Mr.Vardalos.” He is panting when he catches up to me, though the distance between the car and where we were standing just moments before is miniscule. “Don’t you want to look inside, at least?”

I turn to face him, and though I know I appear outwardly calm, inside I still feel the burn of pain when I see him flinch. It isn’t a reaction I’ve been able to get used to. In fact, each time I get that look, the ache inside me intensifies. But he doesn’t need to know that.

He won’t meet my eyes as I regard him calmly. “I’ve seen all I need to see. Draw up the paperwork. You’ll be contacted next week regarding transport of the structure.”

My fingers, clutching the car door, tighten when the man dares to look at me, and can’t quite hide his wince. “Mr. Vardalos. You understand that I can’t be held responsible for the condition of the interior if you don’t care for it after you’ve seen it.”

I focus on him for a moment. He is overweight, and his bald head shines both with sweat and the drizzle of moisture in the air. A man whose opinion would mean nothing to me…before.

His gaze flicks to mine briefly and clings to the only feature he saw before we arrived at the castle, before I’d removed the silk hood that I normally wear over my face. I wonder, briefly, if I should reach into my pocket and put it back on.

As if he can’t bear to look at me, he pulls off his glasses for something to do, polishes them with the hem of his shirt. He’s a bit like a cartoon character to me, out of place in the mystical beauty of Ireland.

But that’s not his fault. I know that to his eyes—to anyone’s—I look like nothing so much as the beast from one of the many fairy tales that haunt this land.

“What do you mean, transport, sir?” He frowns as my words catch up to him. “To where?”

I sigh a bit, inwardly. The billions that pad my bank accounts let me get away with a lot—like wearing a balaclava with my designer suit—but I suppose I was hoping for too much, thinking that I could make a request like this and not be asked any questions. I slip my hand inside my pocket and retrieve the hood, casually concealing myself once again.

The realtor’s shoulders instantly relax and he takes a relieved breath.

“This castle will be reconstructed, stone by stone, on an island off the coast of Florida.” I don’t elaborate, don’t tell him of my plans for it, though the curiosity—and sheer disbelief—is plain on his face.

“Mr. Vardalos. May I call you Theo?”


He is clearly startled by my refusal, but I don’t much care. A man who would be sick at the sight of my face isn’t my friend. And if he were, he would know that I much prefer the full form of my name—Theodosius—to the abbreviated version that Americans always want to use.

After a moment’s pause, he presses on, undeterred. “Mr. Vardalos. I would be remiss if I did not tell you…”

He lowers his voice, as though we are sharing a secret. “…I am shooting myself in the foot here. But to buy this castle and move it overseas… it’s worth nothing away from Ireland. Why not just build something new?”

I refrain from rolling my eyes. He won’t actually be losing much if he fails to earn a commission on this building. Though this castle has been such an obsession that I knew I would pay any sum once I found it, in actuality it is not listed for very much at all—likely due to the state of decay.

No one else sees what I do. The beauty underneath.

“If we’re quite finished?” The expression on his face amuses me as he sputters and I close the car door. Once sealed inside the cool, dim interior, I sigh and turn to take one final look at the castle, adjusting the hood as I do.

I run my fingers beneath the silk and over my scars as I study the tower of crumbling stone. How does one explain to someone who hasn’t experienced it that it has to be this castle and none other? That the island demands it?

The island—a small, deserted outcropping of rock in the middle of the soothing waters of the Bermuda Triangle…

It showed me this place. And there isn’t a single cell in my body, not even the ones that have been horribly altered and maimed, that does not believe that the course of action I have set out upon is not meant to be.

This calms me as I lean back against the smooth leather of the seat, as I order the driver to take me to the airport and leave the sweating, flinching realtor behind. Ireland is beautiful, to be sure, and I now understand why I felt pulled to come here.

But I’ve had enough of travelling. I’m dreaming of palm trees, of the smell of salt on the breeze, and air so thick with heat and magic that its touch feels like a lover’s hand upon my skin.

I’m tired.

I want to go home.

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I Heart Contemporary Romance Book Bloggers

To me, book bloggers are the real rock stars of publishing. They love books so much that they not only review them, but  get me pumped up and excited about my own work. The TLC that the blogging community continues to give authors, especially new ones like myself–is magical.

TheManhattanties artwork

This artwork from Saucy Reviews on Kinky Korner (made of book pages) melted my heart! Thank you Kylie! Make sure you enter her raffle

Enter to win a $100.00 Amazon gift card by Invitation to Eden while Adriana Hunter, Julia Kent, and I…reveal our deepest fantasies!

Welcome to Eden, a series from 27 of the biggest names in romance… an island where anything… and everything can happen. We hope you’ll enjoy your stay…

laurenMaster of the Island by Lauren HawkeyeFREE PREQUEL (The Island, Prequel)

a Rafflecopter giveaway

APRIL 15, 2014
April-FB-CoverYours Truly, Taddy by Avery Aster (The Undergrad Years, Book 2)
Random Acts of Fantasy by Julia Kent (The Random Series, Book 3)
Escape From Reality by Adriana Hunter

“If you were invited to Eden, what would your fantasy look like?”


“I’d spend the morning in bed with Joe Manganiello. After that six hour bonk-fest I’d have a mani-pedi with Justin Bieber—just because I’d like to torture him with my phalanges while hitting him on the back of his head with my nail file.

Afternoon poolside shenanigans would involve karaoke with Lady Gaga and dancing classes taught by Beyoncé.

Dinner would be prepared and served by Gordon Ramsay. At night I’d continue my debauchery returning to bed, swapping out Joe Manganiello for Denver Broncos NFL player Eric Decker.

Who’s with me?”


“For the first day, I’d sleep. All day. Day two, I’d get a massage, eat really delicious foods I love, do some yoga, swim in the ocean…Day three, I’d start wearing my husband out. Repeat Day 3 for about a week. Day 11, I’d give him a break and binge-watch all the Downton Abbey episodes I don’t have time to watch. Days 12-18 would be more devouring of my husband. Day 19 I’d meet up with my friends and talk about sex. Days 20-27 I’d get to try out with my husband all the neat ideas my friends mentioned…

Say, how much time do I get in Eden? ::innocent blink::”


“Oh gosh, where do I begin? My visit to Eden would be totally self indulgent. Of course I’d be the one and only female on the island and every perfectly chiseled, desperately passionate man would be begging for my attention. And I think just about every one of them would bare some resemblance to Jonathan Rhys Meyers (yes, he’s been my celebrity crush for the last ten years LOL). To be wanted, needed so desperately and to shed myself of all my usual insecurities – THAT is about the hottest fantasy that I could ever imagine!”

FREE New Adult Romance ebook on Wattpad. Think #RichKids of Beverly Hills meets The Carrie Diaries…but for 18+


Holy Moly! My naughty new adult novel LOVE, LEX is FREE on Wattpad today. Log-in via your iPhone, Droid, or computer and “follow me” on Wattpad to access the “R” rated chapters.


About my new novel:

This summer I, Lex Easton, had planned to celebrate my eighteenth birthday in Europe with my fellow Manhattanites, Taddy Brill, Blake Morgan, and Vive Farnworth—until I’d caught my boyfriend screwing my mother. According to the police report, this vomit inducing incident happened around the same time I’d supposedly blown-up Mom’s penthouse. Like I’m walking around Soho with a stick of dynamite in my Louis Vuitton purse? Not! Now my besties and I are in jail.

Officer Ford Gotti, the Harley-wheelin’ biker cop who arrested us keeps sticking his perfectly sculpted nose into my case. His inked body is jacked like a superhero and he says I can trust him. He wants me to fess up. I won’t. Not again. Why should I? My friends and I had a previous stint in juvie that nearly destroyed us. I gotta protect them and keep my mouth shut. Right?—Lex Easton, recent graduate of Avon Porter Academy.

inspiration 2The Undergrad Years is a naughty new adult contemporary miniseries about first-time love, independence, and everlasting friendships. 

Reader warning: Contains mature content for adults only.

love lex web cover

Add Love, Lex to your TBR on Goodreads.

Share Your New Adult, Contemporary Romance Smut & Man Candy On Instagram With Avery Aster

Readers keep telling me to use my Instagram page more. *grin* Come play with me and share your glossy pics and hawt videos on my Insta-page. 😉

Many of you ask what my life is like on the Upper East Side. I promise I’ll share a ton, so please do join in the fun. Who knows it may even get a li’l TMI. LOL!

instagram“Follow me” on Instagram and enter to win an Amazon gift card. Hollar!

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Yours Truly, Taddy

Please shelve YOURS TRULY, TADDY on your Goodreads TBR list under the following four categories: contemporary romance, erotic romance, new adult, and erotica. 

Thank you! 

What’s this new book about with the lollipop on the cover? *lick*


I am currently working on the second installment in my new series THE UNDERGRAD YEARS. You may watch me write the novel LIVE in Wattpad here. You must “follow” me on Wattpad to gain access to the smutty parts of the book. Kindly ignore typos as it’s not yet edited.

If you love The Carrie Diaries and Gossip Girl than THE UNDERGRAD YEARS—a coming-of-age prequel companion series offering readers a glimpse into the lives of The Manhattanites—is for you! Taking place a decade prior, each-stand alone novel is cliff-hanger free.

YOURS TRULY, TADDY picks up directly where LOVE, LEX left off. The series switches from Lex’s pov to Taddy’s and The Manhattanites jet off to the Island of Eden. I strongly suggest reading LOVE, LEX first. That book is currently in the boxed set RIDING DESIRE and promo-priced at only 99 cents. It won’t last long.

Three things inspired me when writing YOURS TRULY, TADDY. They were VC Andrews, the movie Blue Lagoon and the British novel Savages by Shirley Conran.

vc andrews

blue lagoonsavages

Growing up I read all of VC Andrews’s books. My favorite novel of VC’s is My Sweet Audrina. VC loved to make the reader care deeply for the heroine. Usually, like in the case of Audrina’s she had a chain of events unfold about her family that were rather most horrific.

As a kid HBO would air the movie Blue Lagoon over and over again on TV. The idea of forbidden love, young and sweet while stranded on an island totally made my skin tingle for reasons I didn’t understand till I was much older. Ha!

If you love big books, and I mean like over 600 pages, with a huge cast of crazy rich people doing stupid things…then read Savages. It’s Lord of the Flies meets Valley of the Dolls fused with insane sex.

YOURS TRULY, TADDY is no different in the drama and caring for the heroine department you’d fine in a VC Andrews novel. The passion is Blue Lagoon sweet as Taddy is a virgin just like Brooke Shields was in the movie. Similar to the cast of Savages, The Manhattanites are stranded and zany as ever.

This novel is a mix of Contemporary Romance, Erotic Menage, and New Adult. <insert crowd roar here> Ooooh is it naughty?

It’s a menage…

It’s more than a menage….

It’s three men and Taddy! 

I’m so excited because YOURS TRULY, TADDY releases with two of my favorite contemporary romance authors–ever! Julia Kent and Adriana Hunter. How fabu is that?


Can’t wait to see you on the island of Eden come April 15th! 

Pretty please…don’t forget to shelve YOURS TRULY, TADDY on your Goodreads TBR list under the following four categories: contemporary romance, erotic romance, new adult, and erotica. 

XX, Avery

Be sure to enter for a chance to win a $10.00 Amazon gift card
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RIDING DESIRE Hits the New York Times Bestsellers List

Hi Readers! Thank you to everyone who purchased RIDING DESIRE. For us this project was an opportunity to engage new readers. We’ve enjoyed reading your reviews, Tweets and emails. Our stories are varied, fun and naughty. They range from New Adult, Erotic Romance, Contemporary Romance and Chick-Lit–all with a biker theme. RIDING DESIRE jumped from #100 on the USA TODAY bestsellers list to #68. We hit #24 on the New York Times E-Book Best Sellers list. THANK YOU.
riding desire box

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What’s next?

I’m currently working on my next release YOURS TRULY, TADDY.


Pretty please…don’t forget to shelve YOURS TRULY, TADDY on your Goodreads TBR list under the following four categories: contemporary romance, erotic romance, new adult, and erotica. 


Cover Wars with Sinfully Sexy Book Reviews

cover wars imagehosted by Sinfully Sexy Book Reviews



Who will remain standing? It’s COVER WARS! That’s right. MAKE ME vs. RIDING DESIRE. Come join in the fun and win a boxed set at Sinfully Sexy Books

Thursday March 6th 10am – 11pm (EST)

10am: Annika Martin vs. Suzanne Rock

Annika Martin vs Suzanne Rock

11am: Jasmine Haynes vs. Daire St. Denis

Jasime Haynes vs. Daire St. Denis12pm R.G. Alexander vs. Claire Thompson

RG Alexander vs. Claire Thompson

1pm Eden Bradley vs. CJ Roberts

eden bradley vs. cj roberts2pm Skye Warren vs Avery Aster

Skye Warren vs. Avery Aster

3pm Eliza Gayle vs. Sharon Page 

Sharon Page vs. Eliza Gayle

4pm Pepper Winters vs. Marian Tee

Pepper Winters vs. Marian Tee

5pm Annabel Joseph vs. Lauren Hawkeye

Annabel Joseph vs. Lauren Hawkeye

6pm Mari Carr vs. Shoshanna Evers 

Mari Carr vs. Shoshanna Evers

7pm Aleatha Romig vs. Sara Fawkes

althea sara

8pm Pam Godwin vs. Opal Carew


9pm Adriana Hunter vs. Cari Silverwood


10pm Roni Loren vs. Sarah Castille (Man Candy)


(This contest is in no way sponsored, endorsed, administered by, or associated with Facebook or Amazon.)