Happy Memorial Day


The city is deserted. Most everyone has headed out East. I love it when the town is like this. I’m spending it with friends. I’ll be reading, relaxing and celebrating! ūüėČ

Have a wonderful holiday.



memorial day two

cocktails with friends

happy memorial day

Upper East Side neighbors proudly display their flags


Happy Mother’s Day


Dear Mom,

Thank you for…

*making sure I had the nicest sweaters to wear to school even when we probably couldn’t afford them at the time.

*working a full-time job, managing to make dinner, keep house, and still help me with my homework. You always make everything look so easy.

*helping me laugh on the days I wanted to cry.

*cheering me on as an erotic romance writer.

*being okay with me living in NYC. I miss you every day.

*encouraging me to date and find true love, the second time around.

*supporting my dreams with your positive words of wisdom.

You are a remarkable woman! I’m honored every day to call you my mom and best friend.

Happy Mother’s Mom! I love you.


Dear Tori Spelling it’s Avery Aster

#90210 #fangirl #realityTV

#90210 #fangirl #realityTV

Dear Tori Spelling,

Growing up watching 90210 made me love you like a sister. I’ve read all of your books and laughed at all of your jokes. In some wacky way I’ve admired your ability to poke fun at yourself, find love, and start a family.

Recently, catching your misfortunes (cheating hubby) play out on TV has left me sad. I hope you find strength to dump his sorry, fugly ass once and for all. Find yourself a real man who isn’t a male model, turned actor, gone reality TV star who rides on your coattails. One who can take care of your babies and not put his cock’s desires before his families needs. You deserve that and so much more!

I’m sending you a copy of Unscrupulous in hopes that Taddy Brill, Lex Easton, Blake Morgan, and Vive Farnworth will inspire you to kick some glamour girl ass–New York style.

Your fan,