Why Do People Love the Erotica Novel Genre?

Why Do People Love the Erotica Novel Genre?

Romance novels have some of the most captivating stories that make a reader keep on flipping one page after the other.

In fact, it gets more intriguing and addictive if the story shifts from the normal romance to something else especially erotic.

That is why seasoned novel readers have one or more stories to narrate regarding their love for erotica novel genre.

These kinds of books have been in existence from way back at the dawn of history and even if the theme revolves around sex, the whole plot is quite something else.

From Kamasutra (400 BCE) to the Fifty Shades of Grey, nothing seems to alter the mind of an erotica novel enthusiast even though the story, the setting and time keep on changing over and over again.

In this piece, we are going to take you on a fact-finding mission to discover why those who love reading erotica novels have pitched their tents in that area.

So if you want to prep for the next EXXXotica, strap in your seatbelt because I’m going to enlighten you on why people love erotica.

1. Sex

The descriptive aspect of sex scenes in erotica novels is the focal point that every reader aims to reach.

Even any ordinary porn clip wouldn’t take away much attention more than reading a few paragraphs that get a reader to be immersed in a virtual world of eroticism.

Surprisingly, a good percentage of such readers are women who find pornographic videos distasteful, unlike men who prefer feasting on their eyes rather than taking a while to read a few lines from erotica novels.

2. Curiosity

By nature, human beings are known to be inquisitive and very much curious trying to know what they feel is fascinating.

That is the main reason why many readers would spend a fortune to lay their hands in a new book that has sexual content in it.

Even though they could be fully aware of the whole story, they still want to learn something new from their favorite authors and this notion sends them from one book to the other.

3. Easy plot

If you are an ardent reader of erotica novels, you will agree with this fact.

Once you are aware of the theme, it is easy to tell the plot from the first page to the last word.

Unlike thriller novels and detective stories, erotica novels have a simple and well-defined plot that makes the reader understand and guess what comes next.

4. Good writing

However much many people would discourage you from reading erotica novels, the authors of such books are well-informed people who understand better all your erotic imaginations.

The stories in these books are usually humorous, witty and understandable without much suspense or twists and turns.

One chapter leads to the other and within no time, you will find yourself on the last page.

4. They are discrete

Unlike watching pornographic films, you don’t need to hide behind closed doors to enjoy erotica novels.

You can read them from anywhere without any concern from those around you.

The information contained here is a source of inspiration and quite entertaining in a quiet and discreet way.

Once you finish reading one novel, you will go out looking for another one in order to enrich your mind with what is deemed as forbidden knowledge.


Knowledge is power and for those who love erotica novel genre, one book is not enough to satisfy their curiosity while enjoying the reader’s discretion, the good writing and an easy plot that comes with it.