The Manhattanites Series

From American novelist Avery Aster comes The Manhattanites, a powerful series loaded with love, friendship, and drama. Aster takes you under the glittering media spotlight into the lives of elite movers-and-shakers working in the fashion world amidst Park Avenue riches. They all have one thing in common–they’re seeking their forever.

What is the group of friends like in The Manhattanites?

They are a fierce bunch of outspoken, successful, wealthy, vulnerable, and at times egotistical people who work in the fashion-beauty world. Most of them are either working at Brill, Inc., a multi-media firm in Times Square, or are clients of Brill, Inc. All of the characters are connected to one another as several of them grew up together. The novels celebrate their experiences while they holiday, climb the corporate ladder, and pursue love-especially revealing what goes on in their bedrooms.

What are some of the subjects we’ll be seeing in The Manhattanites series?

The Manhattanite series novels are all relationship driven and center around one main couple. The ensemble cast of supporting characters in one novel often becomes the main characters in another novel. They desire love and celebrate forever. However, they do push the boundaries of what you see in a relationship, but they do so with their partner’s best interest at heart.