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Uncensored (The Manhattanites #5)
By Avery Aster

Publisher: Ellora’s Cave
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Content Warning: due to graphic sex scenes, strong language, suggestive themes, mature humor, and just about everything your mother ever told you not to do–including wearing a see-through dress, this novel is for adults only.

Uncensored (The Manhattanites, #5)


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Book 5 in The Manhattanites series.

For fans of ABC’s Revenge and VH1’s Celebrity Rehab comes UNCENSORED, a full length stand alone contemporary m/f erotic romance on how two wrongs can make a right.

(Content Warning: The detox of a wealthy heiress and an ego maniac leads to dirty talk, hate-fin’g, exhibition, bondage, jealousy, paddling, excessive wetness, forgiveness and love.)

Sobriety is in vogue this season when Debauchery magazine founder Vive Farnworth trades in her Park Avenue mansion for a halfway house. Enjoying “therapy” on a tomato farm she relearns how to live. Her focus on fruit soon ripens when a new roommate moves in. He’s dominant and challenging, and she swears his orgasm-enducing body looks familiar. Then again, her memory is one gin martini blur.

Stripped of his Olympic gold medal, Roddick “The Grunt” Beckstrong was the #1 professional tennis player in the world until a certain news outlet exposed him for doping to enhance his performance. After losing custody of his son to his ex-wife, along with sixty-five million dollars, he’s out for revenge against the owner of the tabloid that ruined his life—Debauchery.

To destroy his nemesis…he’ll entice her mind, seduce her soul and satiate her body’s lust. Then he’ll publicly humiliate her! Falling in all-consuming love along the way wasn’t part of his plan, but it happens. When Vive learns of Roddick’s motives, she ups the ante with the one thing he hadn’t obliterated, her heart. It’s a vengeance that he never saw coming. Whoever stays sober the longest may win something their fame and fortunes never gave them before—a chance at happiness.

*expected to be released in winter 2014*


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