Undressed_highresUndressed (The Manhattanites #2)
By Avery Aster

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Content Warning: due to graphic sex scenes, strong language, suggestive themes, mature humor, and just about everything your mother ever told you not to do–including wearing a see-through dress, this novel is for adults only.

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Undressed (The Manhattanites, #1)

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“Is Undressed controversial? You bet! But it is peppered with psychological insights into the characters’ emotional development and motivations that go beyond casual encounters and delve into life’s meaning. Be forewarned: when this novel receives a billing of ‘erotica’, it’s not a feel: it’s hardcore reality.” D. Donovan, eBook Reviewer, Midwest Book Review

Undressed is a sizzling tale of love and lust amid the backdrop of the glamorous fashion world. The scorching sexual tension between the sexy Italian playboy and Manhattan’s feisty fashionista will keep you turning the pages in breathless anticipation.”Opal Carew, author of Insatiable (St. Martin’s Griffin)

This debut novel is far from being written like one. Aster has taken the idea of an erotic novel to whole new heights, sexually and characteristically, and is able to take the emotions in this book and force the reader to feel anger, fear, loss, lust, and love as if they were cast in the book as a character. If you finish this novel without getting all hot and bothered then maybe you should re-evaluate your sex life. Sapphyria’s Steamy Book Reviews

I loved the idea behind the plot of this story. It was focused on two entirely different but very interesting worlds: that of a New York fashion designer, and of a Italian billionaire Prince. It was fun to read about how foreign royalty lives and I adore the world of high fashion. Jessica Loves Books

“It was juicy, dirty, and over the top, but what made Undressed special was the humor. I read several chapters out loud to my husband because I couldn’t get over how funny it was. Watching these two try to top each other had me in tears.” S&M’s Book Obsessions

“An erotic whirlwind of a romance, Undressed is one debut novel that should not be missed.”Lauren Jameson, author of Blush (NAL)

“Fast-pace and sexually charged, Undressed is a hot read. Each character has problems to overcome to make their relationship work, and Avery Aster does an excellent job of drawing a picture of both the scenery and the characters. If you are a fan of the city and fashion, this is a story you will enjoy.” —Anita Philmar, author of Hotwired (Wildrose)

(5 stars) “Undressed has humor, gorgeous Italian men, and sex in just about every flavor possible. If you are looking for an extremely erotic contemporary romance that is a cross between “Sex in the City” and “The Devil Wears Prada,” you will love the first in The Manhattanites series.”My Reading Obsession

“Sexy, charismatic, and pure adult fun, Undressed is an exquisite read. The chemistry is full tilt from the first chapter when the war of the roses is laid down. I thought Massimo was the epitome of a playboy, but once Lex is introduced, he can’t seem to make heads or tails of the fiery tornado who storms into his palace.”Sensual Reads

“With a plot that could hold any girl’s attention, Undressed captivated both the fashion diva in me and my unmentionable wild side. From the point of view change, we gain insight into what our main characters are thinking. I was pleased with the attention to detail and, of course, the numerous fashion name drops.”Kristabel Reed, author of Wickedly Wanton (Ravenous Romance)

“Kudos to Avery Aster for creating a memorable story as this book both shocked and surprised the heck out of me! The characters are well rounded and definitely bring life to The Manhattanites series. Undressed is a mix of humor and passion. Between the two, I was laughing, gasping for breath, and just trying to hold on! You might want to have a fan nearby because you’ll need cooling off.”Storm Goddess Book Reviews

“No book would be complete without a few bitches! Cat claws come out in this novel and it’s awesome. If you are looking for a book that is fun and steamy, then I definitely recommend that you give Undressed a try! Hell, it has a ‘fuck it’ bucket! Gotta love that!”The Book Enthusiast

“Undressed is a wild, raunchy, romantic story set deep in the world of fashion. Avery Aster has taken the mile-a-minute pace of Manhattan and paired it perfectly with the laidback traditions of Milan. Fireworks go off whenever Lex and Massimo are together as they are both very passionate. If you are looking for a new erotic romance series to read and you love fashion, look no further.”Harlequin Junkies

“I’m not a fashionista but I do watch Project Runway, so I knew who the designers mentioned in the book were. It was fun to imagine a life where you rub elbows with all of these fashion icons!”Show Me the Smut

(5 of 5 “Love Taps”) I started to smell my Kindle burning—this book was that hot! Watching the couple work though their personal shortcomings was extremely captivating. I can also say that the sex scenes between not only these two but also the supporting characters were amazing. All in all, Undressed is an entertaining and a fun read.”We Love Kink

“It was fun, snarky, quirky, and hot. The characters were original, believable, and charismatic, and they easily grew on me. There was a plot in addition to all of the sex! For me, a story needs more than meaningless sex. Avery delivered big time. I really like the setup for this series. There are so many diverse characters that I just know that it is going to be so good.”Crazy Four Books

“Undressed is a cross between a gossip tabloid, a fashion magazine, and a romance novel in the classic sense of the term. So…relax and lap up the lavalicious luxurious that only Avery Aster can create. I’m eagerly waiting the second volume of the series that promises to be as explosive as the first.”Please Another Book

“The characters are fun, the banter is witty, and the sex scenes are hot.”Urban Girl Reader

“Reading Undressed got me thinking about the primetime soaps Dynasty and Dallas. I cannot wait for the next installment in The Manhattanites series. With books like Undressed, who needs to watch TV?”BadBarbsPlace

(5 of 5 Feathers) “I fell in love with this book from the very beginning. I loved the way the author wrote the characters.” —Under the Covers

“Fast paced and furiously fun, Undressed steams up the pages as Lex enjoys a whirlwind trip in the Italian fashion industry with her prince of a man—and lover.” Romance Reviews Today

“Fun, cocky, and bold. A spicy love story in the fashion world with outspoken and decant language. It rocks! With a rather mind-blowing direct sex approach, this romance is also very classy.”New Books On My Shelves

“Sex and the City’s Carrie and Big have nothing on The Manhattanites’ Lex and Massimo! Undressed delivers funny, vibrant, and witty characters, not to mention the strong and sexy female roles. The fun banter made me blush during the sex scenes and held my attention.” —Read Hot Mama

“Well written with lots of sex, which is quite graphic at times, so be warned if that’s not your scene.”Jeannie Zelos Book Reviews

“The chemistry between Massimo and Lex was off the charts hot. I enjoyed their dialogue and honest exchanges from their past.”LeAnne’s Book Reviews

“Undressed has many laugh-out-loud and ‘Oh no, she-did-not-just-say-that,’ moments. Avery Aster writes escapism in its purest form. If you’re looking to slip into another world where it’s fashionable glitz and beautiful people, you’ll enjoy this debut novel. I know I did!” Ever After Romance Books

“The love scenes are so well done that even my panties got wet. The author did not disappoint. The heat level just about overheated my Kindle. Toward the end of the book, I found myself shedding a tear or two – it really got to me. Looks as if I found myself another fantastic must-read author!”Swept Away by Romance

“Those who love erotic romance will enjoy the hot scenes between the two characters and, of course, others along the way. Aster provides a fast paced, sexy love story.”The Pen & Muse Book Reviews

“This book is earthy, sexy, filled with wildness, and, at times, downright dirty! Avery Aster’s imagination amazed me. I am still trying to figure out the logistics to one particular scene.”Books & Chat

“Wonderful characters and hot sex! What more do we need? Undressed is well written. I thoroughly enjoyed getting to know Massimo and Lex and am looking forward to the next installment in The Manhattanite series.”Readaholic’s Reviews

“Fresh, flirty, and hilarious! I was drawn into the storyline. Awesome debut not to miss!”Gimme The Scoop Reviews

“When things got critical, I was crying for Lex. The ending was sweet and adorable. If you’re looking for romance with a kink, don’t miss Undressed.” Buffy’s Ramblings

“Warm up your weekend with Undressed.”USA Today Happy Ever After Blog

“Very dirty and very intimate.”Smut Book Club

“Undressed is romantic, fun, sexy, stylish, naughty, and graphic. With all of these ingredients, I enjoyed unwrapping to see what was inside.”Romance Novel Junkies

“Everything in Undressed flows naturally, proving that erotic romance has evolved over the years into a true storytelling art form, not just characters sleeping together strung up by a weak plot.” The Spicy Romance Connection

“Undressed is almost too hot to handle. I embraced the dirty talk. You’ll drool. Don’t pass it up!”Kricket’s Chirps

(5 out of 5) “One smok’n hot book. I couldn’t put it down. Undressed has lots of hot, steamy raunchy sex scenes, not to mention a lot of sexual tension before the fabulous ending.”I Love Lady Porn

“I loved Undressed. I enjoyed reading the plot of the fashion industry and about the fashion show coming together. The romance between Lex and Prince Massimo is fabulous. They are such a dynamic couple. You will cheer them on!”Reviews by Crystal

“Massimo’s love for Lex practically jumped off the pages.” Ramblings from a Chaotic Mind

“Avery Aster creates an exotic setting full of beautiful, rich people.”RT Magazine

“Undressed heats up and sizzles!”Tiffany Talks Books


Book 1 in The Manhattanites series.

Milan’s notorious playboy, Massimo Tittoni, seems to have everything–Lamborghinis, exotic women, palaces throughout Europe and business success. Ramping up his fabric company to go global with a new apparel brand, he ruthlessly stops supplying fabrics to the American client who inspired the collection. But once they meet, what’s he willing to give to get her in his bed?

Upper East Side designer Lex Easton will be damned if she’ll let an Italian stud muffin knock her down. So what if she named her favorite vibrator after him. With Fashion Week approaching, she’ll do whatever it takes to secure the fabrics she needs to become the next Diane von Furstenburg– even sleep with her rival. But when she arrives in Europe the paparazzi chronicles her every move and she finds herself in a situation never imagined. Lex’s Louboutins stilettos are dug in deep to win this war. All’s fair in love and fashion!

Avery Aster’s super-glossy debut novel is loaded with passionate escapism, pitting American ambition against Italian tradition. Erotic romance fans who appreciate extended sex scenes, witty banter and glamour mustn’t miss Undressed.

Inside Scoop: Though the hero and heroine remain monogamous, their Prada-wearing friends indulge in a ménage a trois and other fashionable sexual fun and games.

The Manhattanites is a series of full length novels focusing on relationships. Each book may be read as a stand alone and features a HEA w/ closure for the couple’s story. If you’ve enjoyed TV shows like Girls (HBO), Dirty Sexy Money (ABC), and The Bold & the Beautiful (CBS) then you’ll love this series. Avery’s characters are over the top. They have raunchy sex, speak their minds and always get what they want.

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book club reader questions1.) Have you ever looked fate in the eye and jumped on a plane, letting your instincts lead you in the right direction? What did you learn about yourself? Would you do it again? If you haven’t what sort of situation do you think would cause you to do what Lex did?

2. ) Before meeting Massimo, Lex is sexually frustrated from working and not dating. Do you attribute her behavior and aggression toward him in the Girasoli office to her nonexistent sex life? If so, what other types of behaviors can manifest from being sexually frustrated?

3.) When Lex sees Massimo out by the pool for the first time, it confirms her attraction to him. But what makes Lex see beyond Massimo’s playboy exterior?

4.) Massimo is hesitant to get intimate with Lex. Why do you think he’s resistant?

5.) In the end Lex still values a private life but allows Massimo to keep his public image. Why do you suppose she makes the compromise? Do you agree or disagree?

Major Players

Lex Easton: (28) Suffers sexual frustration from working countless hours to build her fashion empire, Easton Essentials. She’s the late rock ‘n’ roll legend Eddie Easton’s feisty daughter.

Massimo Tittoni: (34) A paparazzi magnet taking a hiatus from aggressive women. He’s King Umberto’s arrogant son, heir to the House of Tittoni dynasty and CEO of Girasoli Garment Company.

Taddy Brill: (28) An obsessive masturbator who is Lex’s lifelong friend. She’s a diva millionaire and dating “Big Daddy.”

Blake Morgan III: (28) A gay, gorgeous top who is estranged from his husband. He works at Brill, Inc and spearheads the Easton Essentials account as the brains behind Lex’s talents.

Viveca “Vive” Farnworth: (29) Best friend to Lex, Taddy and Blake. They met in boarding school. Vive is the editor-in-chief of Debauchery magazine.

Jemma Fereti: (34) A former Ford model and adventurous in the bedroom. She prefers her men in multiples. Jemma is the lead designer at Girasoli Garments.

Supporting Cast

Birdie Easton: (49) Lex’s alcoholic, prescription-pill-addicted mother recovering from sexual compulsive disorder. She’s a former Eighties playmate and heavy metal icon. She works at Easton Essentials.

Poppy White: (31) Hosts her own entertainment program, The Poppy White Show. She arrived onto the Manhattan social scene the same time as Lex, Taddy, and Vive.

Rocco Cazzo: (26) Hunk du jour and makes no apologies about it. As the House of Tittoni’s estate manager, he loves wearing Prada and is having an affair with The Pope.

Paloma Tittoni: (35) Massimo’s estranged half sister. She owns Paloma Tittoni’s Gems of Distinction and is a jeweler to the Upper East Side’s elite.

Luigi Bova: (36) Jemma’s rich bisexual lover who operates the Girasoli Garment Company.

The Companies

Easton Essentials: North America’s fastest growing luxury apparel brand for women seeking to contour their figures. Easton retails to all the premium department stores in the world.

Girasoli Garment Company: A one-hundred-year-old textile manufacturer and supplier to Easton. Slated to launch a signature brand, they remain Italy’s largest fine fabric mill.

Brill, Inc: A Fortune 500 company and New York’s eminent fashion, beauty public relations and branding firm, which co-created Easton Essentials.

Debauchery Magazine: Read by four million people weekly, covering all things salacious in the fashion, beauty and celebrity arena.

The Poppy White Show: An American-syndicated talk show produced and hosted by its namesake, Poppy White. It remains the highest-rated talk show in the world airing in over one hundred and fifty countries.

The Locations

Isola di Girasoli: A Mediterranean island south from Sicily and east from Tunisia. Formerly the Republic of Girasoli, today it is united with Italy. It is one hundred twenty-five square miles accessible via boat or air. In the eighteenth century it was founded as a sunflower plantation, and today it is a resort and casino vacation destination.

Milan: Home to such fashion superbrands as Prada, Armani and Dolce & Gabbana, Milan remains the world fashion capital. Its elite fashion district is the “quadrilatero della moda” and the city’s common area has a population of about 1.3 million. It is the headquarters for Girasoli Garment Company and the location for the House of Tittoni’s estate.

Manhattan: Where Undressed’s characters reside. Its population is about 1.5 million (excluding all areas off the island). It is the launch pad for such iconic fashion designers as Donna Karan, Calvin Klein, Betsey Johnson, Michael Kors, Marc Jacobs and countess others. It is the headquarters for Easton Essentials, Brill Inc, Debauchery magazine and The Poppy White Show.

What was the inspiration for Undressed?

Are you ready for Ellora’s Cave NEW series The Manhattanites? This star-studded cast is most aroused (wink) to share their stories with you. The idea for Undressed arrived during New York Fashion Week. Avery attended a show and thought—what if the fashion designer’s unique fabric was to no avail days prior to catwalk? And what if her supplier ceased fulfillment, to knock her line off?

Avery can tell you what The Manhattanites series lead diva Taddy Brill would say, “Holy Shiiit!” What about the heroine in Undressed, our fashion designer?

Avery coupled those what-ifs with a royal saga. Right then, the world watched Prince William marry Catherine Middleton. I reflected on the devotion his great-great-uncle, Edward, Duke of Windsor, shared for his Duchess, Wallis Simpson and wondered—would you give up your lifestyle for a once-in-a-lifetime love? And poof, Avery’s characters Prince Massimo Tittoni and Alexandra “Lex” Easton leaped into Avery’s creative prowess and, with anticipation, into your hearts. After reading Undressed be sure to join Taddy Brill’s St. Barth holiday with her Big Daddy in Unscrupulous. Enjoy!

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